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Traditional Chinese Tea Set

Fine craftsmanship and special materials make them an ideal vessel for making tea. 

Chinese tea ceremony is a discipline or skill that requires patience, energy, and practice to achieve. It's the traditional Chinese way of making tea. The intention is to produce a drink that’s satisfying to the soul as well as all of your senses.

Our traditional Chinese tea set has everything you need to create a transformative tea experience. The set includes an artisanal teapot with a built-in strainer, a decanter, and 6 of tasting cups—perfect for savoring fragrant tastes of every infusion.

Each handcrafted ceramic piece is variegated ice cracked, glazed at very high temperatures using ancient techniques.

Our traditional Chinese tea set includes:

  • Teapot:  6.8oz / 250 ml
  • 6 Tea Cups: 23.6oz / 50ml
  • Fair Cup: 6.1oz / 200ml
  • Tea Strainer and Holder 

This gorgeous tea set comes with an elegant and safety gift box. Ideal for weddings,  housewarming, birthday, Valentine's Day, anniversary and Christmas.