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Compact Tea Maker

Finally! Now You Can Bring Your Rejuvenating Tea Time Anywhere You Go.

Whether you’re sick and tired with poorly made tea tumblers that constantly leak… or you need a solution that allows you to enjoy your rejuvenating tea time wherever you go, this could be the right product you’ve been looking for.

  • Simply drop your tea, and you can brew your tea on the go.
  • Rustproof and odor-free!
  • You can use it for tea, herbs, or even fruit infused water.
  • Made with double glass wall to keep your drink cool or hot longer. Plus, it won’t make the external wall gets hot when you fill it with hot water.
  • Awesome looking design, which makes it perfect as a gift for tea lovers

Brew Your Tea Anytime And Anywhere

Now, you no longer have to patiently wait for your tea to steep before you rush to your office in the morning.

Simply drop your favorite tea into the infuser, and fill the glass with water, and you’re ready to go. You can bring your rejuvenating tea time on your morning commute, into meetings, and virtually anywhere else you go.

The best part?

You don’t need to worry about water leaking from the glass.

The BPA Free double glass wall is leakproof, and it’s working great for keeping your hot or cool drink longer. So, even if you brew your tea in the morning, it will still taste great when you drink your tea again in the middle of the day.

Made For Anyone

Do you love a refreshing ice tea or a soothing warm one?

Well, whichever you prefer, you can use our compact tea maker for your tea.

The double glass wall will ensure your refreshing ice tea stays fresh for hours. And if you prefer hot tea, the glass will keep your tea warm longer.

Not just that…

You can also use our compact tea maker for other drinks like herbs or even for fruit infused water.

It’s a simple solution for everyone who wants to bring their favorite drink anywhere.

Safe & Durable

Our compact tea maker is made with Premium Borosilicate Glass.

This premium material is known for its durability and ability to hold both cold and hot liquid without many thermal expansions.

That means, the glass will not only work well for keeping your teak cold or hot for as long as possible, but it also lasts longer than those cheaply made tea tumblers.

Aside from durable, we also make sure our compact tea makers are safe for you.

To do that, we use lid and silicone gaskets that are BPA-Free.

They’re safe for you and won’t react or add unpleasant flavors to your cold or hot beverage.

Easy to use & Easy to clean

Using this tea maker is easy.

  1. Just drop your favorite loose-leaf blend to the infuser basket
  2. Fill the glass with hot or cool water
  3. Bring the glass, and brew your tea on the go

Yes, it’s really that simple!

And after you use it, you can clean the glass with a dishwasher. The glass is 100% dishwasher safe. As for the lids and silicone gaskets, we recommend using handwash only to avoid potential damage from the high temperature.

Order Now And Bring Your Healthy Drink Anywhere!

The ultimate, compact tea maker is finally here!

With this product you can:

  • Brew your tea on the go
  • Enjoy your rejuvenating tea time anywhere
  • Keep your healthy drink hot or cool for as long as possible
  • Say goodbye to cheaply made tea tumblers that don’t filter well and constantly leak

So why wait?

If you feel like this is right for you, click the button ADD TO CART to order our compact tea maker today!