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Gift Set of Handcrafted Tea Mug & Premium Artisanal Tea Selection

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With Christmas coming fast, a tea gift set is always appreciated. Whether loose leaf or bags, sorted by green, black, white or oolong tea, the gift of tea will be a warm and welcome holiday present. It will definitely give your gift recipient warm memories of you, perhaps for years to come.

Inside you will find unique handcrafted Chinese tea mug and your choice of our premium organic teas made by Artisans.

Made by Artisans and processed til perfection. Relying on their years of experience, tea masters craft the leaf with skill and passion. Each painstaking step of the process - whether withering, rolling, tossing, frying, or baking - is done with the utmost care and precision. Until the resulting cup is absolutely perfect.

Create perfect moments to share with friends and loved ones this Christmas with our luxurious and cozy Christmas gift set.