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Organic Blooming Tea. Awesome Gift For a Tea Lover.

 It’s more than just tea, it’s an art. You will enjoy a unique experience every time you pour boiling water into these beautiful tea balls. Each one is a different creation sewn by hand, sewn by hand, infused with creativity and incredible flavor. Our traditional flowering teas look fantastic unfurling in the glass teaware and are perfect for impressing guests at the end of the dinner party.

Organic Blooming Tea styles and flavors

Each flowering tea ball is made of organic Silver Needle tea buds and flowers such as rose, lily osmanthus, and jasmine. Silver Needle is a unique and precious tea. In fact, it is considered the best of all white teas and also the most expensive.

Inside the beautiful package, you will find 12 organic tea balls with six different flavors to choose from: cherry, peach, strawberry, black currant, raspberry, and natural white tea.

These Tea Balls Aren’t The Only Thing That Will Bloom

The soothing, reassuring benefits of this tea don’t stop at its gorgeous unfurling. With a whole host of benefits, your health can blossom and bloom with every sip you take.

Cleansing for Vitality

Blooming tea is known for its ability to purge waste and toxins from the body for increased energy levels and well-being.

Clarity and Calm

The medicinal benefits of this tea have been used to improve eyesight and vision for centuries, while also reducing cortisol levels in the body (the stress hormone).

Radiating Skin

Skin needs nourishment, and Blooming Tea has it in bundles. With powerful antioxidants that fight free radicals, signs of skin damage can be reduced and even reversed with consistent use.

Bloom Brain

We like to call this benefit Bloom Brain thanks to this tea’s unique ability to improve cognitive performance and motor function skills. Making it the perfect study beverage.

Natural Pain Remedy

Reduces inflammation, acts as a natural analgesic, and can even help prevent arthritis.

Fountain of Youth

Thanks to its ability to help you lose weight, increase metabolism, glow up your skin and reduce stress levels, it's safe to say Blooming Tea is one of the world’s best-kept secrets for maintaining youth. 

Possibly The Most Aesthetic Tea on the Planet

If you hold tea parties, these flowers are the perfect addition to astound and amaze your guests.

With Blooming Tea, seeing is believing. You’ll be in awe of its elegant transformation.

This is exactly why this special brew is our most purchased gift for tea lovers across the globe.

Blooming Tea is truly a convergence of wellness and art. As the petals unfold and the inner bud is revealed, this centuries-old tradition demands admiration every time.

    The Process Behind the Petals

    Our Blooming Tea consists of rose, lily, osmanthus, and jasmine with silver needle white tea leaves.

    These tea buds are skillfully woven together into a ball-shaped bloom by experienced tea masters and artisans. The fresh tea needles are sewn into fresh flowers before they begin to wrap them into cotton yarn and then fired.

    The craftsmen add natural flavor before gently baking it a further five times. The result? A brew experience that invigorates the senses.

    Flourishing Perfection

    ❀ 12 flowering tea balls - enough to make 72 delicious teacups

    ❀ 6 natural flavors to choose from: cherry, peach, strawberry, black currant, raspberry, and natural white tea

    ❀ Made of 100% natural ingredients

    ❀ Every flowering tea ball is handmade with individuality in every brew

    ❀ Always fresh with world-class crafting standards


    Organic Green Tea Certifications

    Best Brewing Practices

    Because this tea is carefully arranged for aesthetics, it’s best used in a clear pot or drinking glass. The most important thing is that the brewing vessel has enough height to fully let the flower tea unfurl.

    Then all that’s left is to sit back and watch the magic unfold before your eyes.

    How to make a perfect cup of organic blooming tea

    Shop our elegant, hand-blown glass teapothere to make the most of those Blooming Tea summer evenings.


    Our Unique Guaran-Tea

    Call us crazy, but we’re confident that our teas are among the finest on the planet. Which is why we back every purchase with a special guarantee.

    If you or the lucky soul receiving this tea don’t fall in love with it from the very first sip, we’ll refund your entire purchase. No questions. No hassle. No-fuss.

    You can even keep the tea.

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      Turkey Turkey
      Afternoon high tea has never tasted so good!

      Raspberry scones with an almond glaze paired with our new favorite Essencesip organic blooming tea! ❤️

      Leslie F.
      Turkey Turkey
      You won’t be disappointed!⁣

      For those who know me, know I’m all about good health. I’ve been eating organic for a very long time! Not only do I love tea but my entire family loves tea! Just to give you a little background, I used to host tea parties! I have teacups and saucers from generations of my family! So when I say this is really good tea you can rest assure that I’m speaking truth to you!⁣ So, what’s not to enjoy and benefit from drinking this lovely tea! I bet you’d like to take a sip I don’t blame you!

      Turkey Turkey
      This is so TEA-RRIFIC ☕️�

      I love my tea and this is the prettiest tea of them all! This flowering tea from @essencesiptea is so beautiful! �

      LYNETTE C.
      Turkey Turkey
      Five Stars

      This stuff is like a little party in a pot. I love to put one on the table in a clear teapot as a centerpiece at meetings or events with just the bloom inside. Then, once everyone has looked at it and wondered what the heck the weird centerpiece is, I add the hot water. Instead of an icebreaker, we have an instant conversation starter. Thanks for a lovely product that helps conversations bloom and grow.

      Turkey Turkey
      Thank you for my artisanal teas which I am throughly enjoying!

      My fave is the organic blooming tea which is made up of silver needle tea & flowers such as rose & jasmine. The hand-sewn flowering tea ball unfurls in the teapot and releases lovely aromas and looks super pretty!

      Turkey Turkey
      This makes a beautiful and unique cup of tea!

      I have tea lovers in my circle and this makes a wonderful gift. Watching the small bud literally bloom in the cup (highly recommend a clear one) is pretty amazing. It's both beautiful and delicious.