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GREEN GEM (ZIRAN) - Premium Organic Green Tea


Superior quality organic green tea, yielding the freshest, most delicate, and intensive flavoring.

This rare tea was once available only locally, now is one of the most valuable green tea around the globe.

Ziran Green Tea Origins

Organic Green Tea Garden in Guizhou, China

Green Gem (Ziran) is of the highest quality among Chinese green teas. Grown in the tea gardens of Guizhou in South China, only leaves from the first harvest in springtime are picked. These are especially delicate and therefore of a very high grade.

Organic Green Tea Leaves Ziran

For 1 kg of Ziran Premium Green Tea 80 kg of fresh tea leaves are cultivated. This yields a cropping area of 800 square meters.

From this, 6 kg of only the best leaves is carefully picked to produce 1kg of Ziran Premium Green Tea.

For this reason, people of the region affectionately refer to it as "green gold".

Organic Green Tea Ziran Pan Roasting

The tea leaves are processed following the traditional method of pan roasting, which can only be found in China.

The result produces an elevated content of health-promoting agents. The whole tea leaves are formed into pearls signifying their rarity and preciousness.


Organic Green Tea Certifications

Organic Green Tea Ziran Tasting Notes

During infusion with hot water, the leaves once again reveal their beauty and wonderfully fresh essence.

The tea’s fragrance is of a mild chestnut-like aroma and offers a delicate, sweet taste. In the cup, the tea reveals a bright green-gold color. The tea can be brewed up to 3 times without loss of flavor. 

Green Tea Green Gem Brewing Process

Green Tea Brewing

As you enjoy the tea, let your mind fly away on a journey to nature, tradition, and back to its origin.
Green Tea Health Benefits

Green Tea Health Benefits:

🍃 Uplifting, increase mental awareness and focus.

🍃 Powerful anti-oxidant, great anti-aging properties.

🍃 Increases metabolism and helps with weight loss.

🍃 Reduces cholesterol.

🍃 Contains 18mg of caffeine per serving (Cup of coffee has around 95mg of caffeine).

🍃 Calorie-Free, Fat-Free, Gluten-Free.

#takeasip Premium Artisanal Tea by Essencesip Tea Co.

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    Turkey Turkey
    A lifetime bond.

    Me and my husband we both are using these teas from over a week now and as i promised i am now going to give my honest review here is what we think . My husband is very selective when comes to consuming new products. He is also a Green tea lover, thinks it is one of the best Green tea availabile in the market. I care for my family and their health and it is the most important thing for me. So this beacomes the best Father's Day gift that will keep him healthy as well.

    Michelle S.
    Turkey Turkey
    Super fresh green tea

    I’m a long time green tea drinker, and this organic green tea Green Gem from @essencesiptea was delicious! The packaging was beautiful, the tea was super fresh, and the flavor was so richly earthy and floral, almost grassy... it was delicious!

    United States United States
    Best green tea I ever tasted

    I recently tried this tea by curiosity but it became one of my favorite green tea for everyday drinking! Subtle with a lot of flavors but not bitter or astringent. Exactly as I like green tea!

    Steinar G.
    United States United States
    Excellent green tea!

    The smell of dry leaves is sweet, vegetal and has a unique aroma. The flavor is quite nutty, mildly sweet. Has remained good through four steepings. One of the best teas I've had.

    United States United States
    Great green tea

    This was kind of an impulse buy... the color of the liquor in the photos just called to me.

Wasn't disappointed in the least with the quality: very fresh, smooth and viscous, sweet with some umami, florals, and something wild like a subtle hint pine needles. Exquisite.

Side note: I have this tea cold brewing right now, and I anticipate that it's going to be an incredibly delicious and refreshing glass of iced tea.

    Jaclyn K.
    United States United States
    True gem in a cup

    This is my favorite tea and the quality can be all over the place. When the tea is good it tastes creamy and can survive three or four brewings. This batch is absolutely wonderful.