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KING WHITE PEONY - Premium Organic White Tea


Bai Mu Dan, also known by the international name King White Peony, is a popular and expensive blend of organic white tea made of young tea leaves and silvery unopened leaf buds.

Our Bai Mu Dan comes from Fujian province, the original birthplace of white tea centuries ago. It is grown at an altitude of more than 800 meters above sea level – and is considered to be of the highest quality in the White Peony Tea family.

Premium Organic White tea King White Peony (Bai Mu Dan) plantation in Fujian province, China.

It is gathered in early spring when the leaves are especially tender and full of nutrients. Distinguished by being plucked in "budsets" of one or two leaves and a bud, this tea has a sophisticated mouthfeel with a slightly stronger body than Silver Needle.

A gentle and slow air-dry withering process results in a brilliant amber infusion with honey-like viscosity and mild flavor that pairs well with food.


Organic Green Tea Certifications

King White Peony White Tea Tasting Notes

Brewed Bai Mu Dan has a clear bright apricot color, with a natural lightly floral fragrance. It has a flavor that is very refreshing. Bai Mu Dan has layers of mellow and earthy flavors with highlights of a lightly sweet delicate and smooth floral tone. 

Although there are no actual peonies in King White Peony, it does have a slightly floral finish and aroma that lends an interesting note to its more earthy flavors.

King White Peony White Tea Brewing Process

Organic White Tea Brewing Process

White Tea Health Benefits

After a prolonged and tiring day, don’t we all want to just relax and sip on a cup of hot tea? Whether it is green tea or some other flavored drink, the mere thought of having our favorite beverage uplifts our mood, doesn’t it?

But, did you know there is a completely different variety of tea that can surpass the healthy aspects provided by your regular tea? I’m talking about organic white tea, which was acclaimed only in Asia until its recent popularity hike. Today, the West has woken up to the wonderful white tea benefits, and its healthful goodness is getting known all across the world.

But what is so great about white tea? 

  • Improves hair and skin health
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Can be beneficial in pregnancy
  • Aids in the treatment of acne
  • Enhances energy and alertness

Organic white tea is one of those foods that can improve your life significantly over time. Make it a part of your diet and stay healthy!

  #takeasip Premium Artisanal Tea by Essencesip Tea Co. 

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      Turkey Turkey
      This is so warm and cozy!

      There has been so much stress in the air resulting from the pandemic we are currently experiencing. My anxiety has been running rampant and tends to set in full swing at night time and hinders me from getting adequate sleep. I’d like to give a big shoutout to Essencesip for their organic white tea! I have been loving their king white peony tea as it is subtle and almost has its own natural sweetness to it.

      Turkey Turkey
      I was a tea hater before trying this tea

      Let me be honest... I have never been a big fan of tea. I have always been a morning coffee drinker and never developed a taste for tea (although I will say that some of the coffee I have drank at the office might be considered a type of tea due to how terribly weak it's brewed sometimes). Being a coffee drinker I know that different brands and roasts of coffee present different qualities and a wide range of experiences. I wanted to give tea a fair shake, so I experimented with some tea at Teavana. Everything I was exposed to there was not my cup of tea ;-) Due to some health issues I had to give up coffee for a season, but I wanted something hot to drink in the morning. I decided to give tea a try again and decided to do my research. I discovered Essencesip tea and was impressed with all of the positive reviews. I decided to give a try and bought their organic white tea - King White Peony and was completely surprised at how enjoyable it was. This tea doesn't have the nasty tart aftertaste that most bagged teas have. It is so smooth and mild. I love drinking mine with chocolate pancakes. Delicious. If you are not a tea drinker but want an enjoyable tea experience then get this flavoursome organic tea!