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SKINNY SIP® Herbal Slimming Tea

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Ancient Ingredients Backed By Science

Herbal Tea For a Truly Slimmer You

Looking to shed a few pounds and re-energize? We revived ancient herbal principles and ingredients into a powerful tea blend for your best look yet. 

SKINNY SIP ® Tea will have you looking slimmer, more radiant, and feeling confident.  

✔️ Helps shift fat storage and aid weight loss

✔️ Curbs your appetite

✔️ Reduces bloating

✔️ Aids digestion 

✔️ Clears heat and toxins from the body

✔️ 2 weeks to a slimmer, more confident you


Everything You Know About Weight Loss Is Wrong

Stop Fighting Your Body and Start Listening

Does this sound familiar? 

“Carbs are making you fat”. “You need to sweat off the weight”. “You can’t enjoy your favorite snacks and slim down”.

While there are elements of truth to these, it’s more important to nourish the body from within . Ancient Chinese cultures knew this and took a holistic view of health and beauty. Flaunting a confident and positive approach to life.

Skinny Sip pulls on knowledge from the past, adapted to the modern world with weight loss ingredients that are scientifically proven effective, safe, and downright delicious.

The Law of The Leaves


Herbal Slimming Tea For Weight Loss SKINNY SIPⓇ ingredients

Discover the life-changing benefits of this potent blend of ancient, ancestral ingredients for your health.

Wu-Yi Oolong

Thanks to Wuyi Oolong tea leaves and their ability to speed up metabolism and reduce cholesterol levels, you can enjoy weight loss with daily use. 

Forget Me Not

A soothing, caffeine-free purple flower that eases nerves and promotes deep, restful sleep. The perfect bedtime beverage that dips you into an organic pool of calm. Great for hair and skin. 


Brimming with antioxidants, Jasmine flower helps reduce anxiety and stress while fighting free-radicals in your body. 

Rose Petals

Used for thousands of years, rose petals are packed with Vitamin C, a powerhouse nutrient for aiding weight loss, fighting fatigue, and keeping your cells hydrated.


This familiar cooking herb is an antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant super plant. Not only can it improve mood, and fight infection, but it also removes excess heat from the body - an ancient practice to restore balance for optimal health. 


Another powerful weight loss promoter, Hibiscus also lowers blood pressure, provides antioxidant enzymes for digestion, and can even lower blood fat levels. 

Reveal Your Best Look Yet  And Sip Your Way to Slim - One Cup at a Time

❌ No more fad, dangerous diet plans

❌ No more costly, ineffective training regimes

❌ No more shady weight loss shakes

❌ No more calorie restricting and cutting out favorite snacks 

SKINNY SIP® gets to work from within, bringing harmony back to your body, nourishing cells, and promoting robust health. 

Note : Skinny Sip® works best with an active, healthy lifestyle and balanced diet. 

Steps For Optimal Health

SKINNY SIP® herbal slimming tea is designed to be consumed consecutively over 20 days (2x a day), though it can also be consumed as needed. Drink 30 minutes before or after meals.

HOT TIP : Feel free to add a squeeze of lemon or dash of honey.





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    Turkey Turkey
    I love how this taste and feels

    I come from a Caribbean background so tea was a normal occurrence in my household but usually in the form of a generic tea bag. ⁣ Recently I have stepped my tea game up after trying @essencesiptea. This tea does exactly what it says it does and if you are looking for a cleanse and shed a few pounds, you must try this beautiful tea!

    Turkey Turkey
    My new obsession

    Loving my new teabag obsession from Essencesip. Seriously, a cup of tea first thing in the morning boosts your metabolism, curb appetite, and helps soothes intestinal inflammation.

    Turkey Turkey
    Highly recommend!

    As a doctor, I don't want to recommend anything which claims to help you lose weight, but I've been using this tea for more than a week now and I must say I am pretty impressed. What I was concerned at first is that all these beneficial ingredients will come in powders, but all these ingredients are so clearly visible so they actually have them inside every tea bag. Since I was using this tea I feel really good and I recommend for anyone who wants to get rid of their pimples and acne, this tea is good for you.

    Turkey Turkey
    i’m loving @essencesiptea

    Tea has been growing on me lately. especially with my crazy daily workload... from working early mornings, to going straight home & taking care of household chores, reading & studying for my college classes until late at night only to do it all over again tomorrow... y’all i’m soooo tired. my body is exhausted. BUT, having a cup of @essencesiptea near me in my workspace helps calm my mind don’t get me wrong, I LOVE coffee! but who knew having a cup of tea would soothe my soul just as much yoga ❤️

    Turkey Turkey
    loving it!

    I drink it every day between lunch and dinner to naturally cleanse my palette and my gut. I’ve seen myself feel much better going into dinner earlier ahead of a workout and so far loving it!

    Kirsty R.
    Turkey Turkey
    I just love this

    I was gifted this wonderful tea from Essencesip but I was not prepared for how absolutely beautiful it was! This is the skinny sip tea, it comes in a handy pyramid shaped teabag. I also received some Jasmine tea and I have to say the taste is as beautiful & refreshing as they look!