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Handcrafted Traditional Chinese Tea Mug With Lid

Enjoy A More Interesting Tea Time With This Unique And Authentic Traditional Chinese Tea Mug

What could be better than enjoying your favorite tea with a traditional Chinese tea, which looks like the one used by people who lived in the Ming dynasty era?

If you’re like most tea lovers, it can bring your rejuvenating tea time to the next level of enjoyment. It’s a unique feeling that unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced before.

And that’s not just the feeling, by the way.

That’s right.

This is a unique tea mug that was made with the exact same design of the traditional Chinese tea mug that’s used by masters of Teaware since the 7th century. That’s why they look so authentic and different from other tea mugs, which is just “trying to look traditional.”

Exquisite Workmanship

Made with high-quality porcelain, and manually handcrafted by talented artisans, you’ll notice the detail, quality, and workmanship of this wonderful piece of art is absolutely beautiful.

It’s so beautiful, most people who’ve bought this traditional tea mug ended up buying another one for a display piece.

Made Of Sturdy Materials

A beautiful piece of art usually must be taken with special care, since they usually very fragile – this traditional Chinese cup is different.

It was made to be used every single day to serve your favorite tea, so you don’t need to worry about its quality.

What’s more, the material used to create this wonderful item is high-quality porcelain, which could deliver the perfect balance of delicacy and superior strength.

Brew Your Tea Easily

Just because it looks traditional, doesn’t mean it should be complicated to use. In fact, it’s so easy to brew your tea with this tea mug.

Simply add tea and water to the required recipe - infusing for 3-minutes for the perfectly balanced cup - and lift the basket to separate water from the leaf.

Place the basket on the upturned lid to capture any drips or spills, and re-infuse when ready for another cup.

Yes, that’s all you need to do to brew your tea perfectly with this traditional Chinese tea mug.

Perfect Gift For A Tea Lover

If you are looking for a unique and authentic gift for a tea lover, then your search is finally over!

It’s a worthy collection for a tea lover, which also comes with an elegant and safety gift box… making it become a better choice as a gift that would make a tea lover feels so happy and excited.

And if she’s also into the Traditional Chinese culture, you know you’ll give her one of the best things she ever received.

Whether it’s for Christmas, birthday, Valentine’s day, or Wedding Anniversary gift… a tea lover would be happy to receive this beautiful tea mug as a gift.